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idea to design

on average, every person has 5 new ideas to start a new business every day, but all these ideas are forgotten in the first 10 minutes. one of the most important reasons for the lack of human progress is not considering these ideas. we can help you achieve these ideas. from market research to brand design and business start-up. we are by your side from market research to brand design and starting a business.

marketing to sales

after starting a business, the most important step is to get the right sales. proper marketing planning, knowing the target market and also modifying the marketing and sales route based on the observations of the target market can help the business progress. our marketing team, having expert and experienced personnel, can significantly increase the speed of this development.

data analysis and CRM

Gathering information and analyzing the market is always effective in the development of any business. Analyzing information such as the cause of successful or unsuccessful sales, analysis of competitors as well as market needs can keep your business ready and on the path to progress. We have provided customer relationship management (crm) software for ease of your work as well as quick collection and analysis

making a dream and creating it is one of the most beautiful things possible. But getting the desired result makes it more enjoyable.

start with your dream

achieving a dream is important, but the time to achieve it is more important. our team is ready to minimize this time.

pointing to target

accuracy in targeting and timing multiplies the percentage of success. from the beginning of choosing a name to analyzing the sales process and correcting the path, we are by your side.

we are with you at every stage of starting a business to achieve the final result.

complete your business puzzle online.

business analysis is the missing piece of the puzzle of failed businesses. you can complete this puzzle with customer relationship management(crm) software.

costumer relationship managment (crm)

cloud content management software is available in all parts of the world. This will help you to access your business in any place and at any time.

Cotent, seo and strategy

with our customer management software, you can check and analyze the final status of sales, customers, financial affairs, etc. online at any moment.

check the situation

we check all stages of your business marketing to suggest the best


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