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Office set design, by adhering to internal and external coordination principles, brings beauty and order to various spaces. Internal coordination refers to the readability and uniformity of various elements. Additionally, external coordination emphasizes the universal nature of office set design with other external elements, including coordination with website user interfaces.

office set design

In this scenario, attention to the type of activity and brand identity is crucial. Office set design should harmonize with colors and energy proportional to the organization’s field of activity. Comprehensive and accurate business information is also vital in office set design, especially for businesses that have not yet established their visual identity. Adhering to standards and utilizing creative ideas in design can lead to ideal and distinctive outcomes


Letterhead is an essential component of papers bearing organizational logos for official correspondence among government offices, institutions, and individuals. These letterheads are typically produced in A4 and A5 sizes, featuring elements such as the logo, postal address, telephone number, and date.


The envelope is a fundamental component in office set design, and its dimensions are coordinated with A4, A5, A4+, and letterhead dimensions. In office set design, it is recommended to consider the envelope dimensions as one-third of the letterhead dimensions, plus an additional six millimeters, and design it fully in proportion to other design elements.

visit card

Business cards are a vital tool in office set design, playing a crucial role in advertising and business communications. This card, with standard dimensions of 5*9 centimeters, includes a logo, a brief overview of the company’s activities, and relevant address and phone number information

CD , CD envelopes design

For the design of office sets, CD design, and CD envelopes, proper coordination in design and the use of beautiful and creative elements are added. The CD, with attractive dimensions and a recognizable logo, showcases your visual identity attractively. The CD envelope, with coordinated dimensions, supports the details of the CD and enhances your presence in a professional and appealing manner.


For office set design, a handbag with a beautiful design and practical functionality that aligns with your visual identity style is added. This handbag is not only an attractive and professional tool for transporting materials but also, by displaying the logo and identity design, effectively promotes your identity.

note paper

For office set design, note paper with a stylish and practical design that aligns with your visual identity becomes an essential part of office supplies. This note paper, adorned with special touches and a recognized logo, beautifully personalizes your office environment.

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